Question by : Any one ever been to the Estee Lauder brands “The Cosmetics Company” store?
Im going to one in Aurora, Illinois. What is it like? How do the prices differ from other stores or retailers? Whats the selection like? How are the products quality? Any must haves?

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I have used the Cosmetic Company store many times and I’m a fan. You are getting overstocks from their counters or discontinued product. The prices are really reasonable and you can even buy some gift with purchase items if you missed them at the counters. I love to shop there for beauty gifts for friends because all their lauder company gift sets end up there for a largely discounted rate. I’ve never gotten a spoiled or unusable product from the store. My only complaint is that since it’s overstocks and discontinued items you can’t always find a specific item you may be looking for. If you love makeup, it’s fun to go in and see if you can find some of your faves at greatly discounted prices. I usually stock up whenever i’m there.

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