Question by Mimi: Does anyone know how to become a cosmetic sales rep who works as a vendor in department stores?
I have been working in cosmetic sales for years and know that there is a difference in pay between people who work for the department stores and those who work directly for the company. I cannot ever get info. from these people on how to become a “vendor” does anyone have any information?

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Answer by Robert B
I know that Dillard’s and Macy’s start you off at $ 15-$ 18/hr but they require past experience. I was told by my friend a former Macy’s HR manager that the department stores pay more because Macy’s will pay you $ 8.00/hr and Lancome or whoever you would work for would pay you $ 8.00/hr so your salary ends up being $ 16.00/hr plus 10%commission. If you were to work for Sephora then you will only make like $ 8-$ 10.00/hr because it’s a independent company.

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