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Despite the continuing economic downturn, its a good time to be selling cosmetics.

Historically, lipstick sales increase during economic or political turbulence for instance, lipstick sales doubled after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. And research shows that consumers will still indulge in inexpensive, feel-good items such as cosmetics during times of economic uncertainty.

Makeup mogul Leonard Lauder, former CEO of cosmetics giant Estee Lauder, originally coined the term Leading Lipstick Indicator because the companys lipstick sales always increased during tough economic times. In fact, some economists still point to rising lipstick sales as a reliable indicator of a sagging economy.

During difficult times, like the ongoing recession, people treat themselves with makeup because its an inexpensive way to make themselves feel better, said Heather Price, a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director. Cosmetics are a feel-good pick-up item that looks pretty and boosts your spirits.

In the past few years, people have been turning to Mary Kay for more than just lipsticks theyre looking at the company for career opportunities, as well.

The recession hasnt hit the cosmetics business, and an increasing number of people are curious about joining a Mary Kay team. People are being laid off or downsized and looking for new job opportunities. Or, theyre considering Mary Kay as an opportunity for supplemental income, Price explained.

Price, the mother of 4-year-old special-needs twins, has worked with Mary Kay for more than 10 years, joining the team after becoming bored as a full-time secretary. She appreciates Mary Kays high-quality products, flexible hours, and support from the corporate office, as well as the lucrative income.

Prices business has been booming despite the economic turmoil as people look for inexpensive ways to pamper themselves. In addition to increased lipstick sales, Prices skin care sales are soaring, as well.

Another key to making your business viable regardless of the economy is providing exceptional customer service, Price continued. People come to me for their skincare needs, rather than shopping at the local department store, because I take the time to listen, discuss what works best for their skin type and coloring, and I check in with them regularly. When was the last time a department store or a drug store called you to remind you that you were getting low on mascara?

Price started her career in Los Angeles, before moving to Cleveland to start a family, and she said that her California-based clients stuck with her after her move, because shed provided such great customer service.

My clients appreciate my reminder calls, and how I always let them know if theres a new product that I think theyd like. I also offer free shipping to my out-of-state clients, which is a service they truly appreciate. It keeps them loyal to Mary Kay and to me, Price added.

When Price isnt working with her customers, shes managing her team of Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants, answering their questions and providing support and training. She oversees a team of as many as 70 Independent Beauty Consultants around the nation.

She said Mary Kay offers a great business opportunity and has been attracting mothers, who crave a flexible, work-from-home career. Price, like many other working moms on her Mary Kay team, works when her children are at school and at night when theyre in bed so she can enjoy quality family time in the afternoon.

Price thrives on the challenge of finding new customers and coming up with creative ways to reach new people. She does a combination of in-person and online networking to promote her business and attract new customers.

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