Question by tujungarocket: I have a cast iron ball made by Healthways what is it?
I asked this question before a little different.The iron ball in stamped 12.Only answer before was a shot put.Which i think it maybe too.Maybe a cannon ball or some kind of weight training fitness device.Does anyone know where to find object made by Healthways to prove what it is?I have found a Healhways that makes ammunition for firearms (no cannon balls) A Heathways that has underwater fitness programs using weights( NO iron ball found) Shot Put nothing found by Healthways although famous Shot putters are associated with a Heatlhways Co. Help me know for sure

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Answer by lestermount
It is a high school shot put, which weighs 12 pounds.
Whether it was marketed by Healthways in the past is the question, and I imagine they once sold shots, but don’t any more.
To know for certain you need to contact Healthways.

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