Some cool 24 hour fitness membership images:

Kontagent gave me 24 hour fitness membership as a benefit. I swear I’ll be a healthy worker 🙂

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Tuesday, June 30th 2009

Image by aarontait
Boring day. Woke up. Noticed the new Starbucks stuff on my way to work. Worked.

Got the new Moby album on iTunes. I love it.

Got one of the new Starbucks Banana-Strawberry smoothies after work. It was delicious. They have this thing now were you can bring in your receipt from the morning anytime after 2PM for a smoothie. With my gold card it comes to .80. Not too shabby. I think I’m gonna start getting these things for lunch. They are relatively healthy (no added sugar).

Got home. Canceled my 24 Hour Fitness membership with relative ease (relative is my word of the day). Went for a walk. Noticed the beautiful new Sava Pool facility. I think I’m gonna get into swimming now. Took this photo on my way back home from my walk.

Chilling to Moby now. I think I’m getting sick. Fucking piece of shit immune system.