Question by : Is the gap between training for “performance” and “looks” really that big?
I’ve heard that since bodybuilder training is aimed towards for muscle size, they don’t have much “practical strength”, and that those who train for performance (for instance sprinters) don’t experience muscle gain at the same level but they improve in strength and explosivity.

Is the difference really that great? I mean, both are healthy lifestyles and both lift weights, often even the same exercises.

I find it hard to believe that a reasonably built bodybuilder/fitness model would be completely useless in any performance sport.


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Answer by Cruz
I wouldn’t say that body builders are useless, but the fact that athletes train specifically to improve in their sport of choice makes them better equipped. A real athlete doesn’t train his or her body to look a certain way, they train to have optimum performance. The athletic body is just a result. Body builders are strong as hell, I’m assuming, because they do lift heavy weights, but its not focused in on improving athletic ability. So would a body builder have great strength? Yes….but can they beat a basketball player at his own game? Probably not. Also, I knew a body builder (amateur) and he couldn’t run 2 miles without getting completed winded.

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