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Over a 90-day training course, youll come face-to-face with your greatest challenge, emphasizes Dadsetan. Youll get to meet your best friend and your worst enemy in weight loss. Youll find out that they are both parts of you moving in different and opposing directions without your specific direction.

In X5 Fitness Camp 90-Day summer weight loss challenge, Vishy Dadsetan, owner of X5 Fitness Camp introduces a seven-step process of recognizing and focusing incredible abilities everyone has to achieve goals, including weight loss. These seven steps are 1-focus, 2-observe, 3-record, 4-acknowledge, 5-plan, 6-implement and 7-adapt.

Weight loss is never directly about losing weight, and weight gain does not happen in only 3 or 4 hours a week, says Dadsetan. Weight loss is always a byproduct of something else we want and the things we want are directly tied into the secret image we hold of ourselves in our hearts, the way we value ourselves and the way we interact with others. Improving our secret self-image, understanding our incredible intrinsic value and shifting the way we interact with others is necessary to lose weight and keep it off. And these transformational skills need a process that considers the 163 or 164 hours a week that is spent outside of workout periods.

The fourth principle of X5 Fitness is mastering the most productive 20% of activities. In his introduction to weight loss challenge, Dadsetan shares a research result that shows how focusing attention, when done with care, could improve results up to 10 times.

Focus by its nature is specific, simple and often productive. Distractions by their nature are non-specific, complicated and often un-productive. The X5 Fitness 90-Day summer weight loss challenge begins with following very specific steps to crystallize clients goal to help them focus. I am always amazed how much clients find out about themselves by taking this very simple step, and I feel sad when I see most people do not follow this effective quick weight loss step, according to Dadsetan.

The second and third steps in the X5 Fitness weight loss process are learning to observe in a neutral emotional state and recording a summary of events as they happen. This type of recording could help understand what is happening before taking steps to change things.

A new client walked into the camp with a shy smile telling me that she deserved it if I was going to be mean to her since she had a lot of junk food the night before. says Dadsetan. I asked her to relax and review her previous days journal which I had already done. She found out that she had missed 3 out of her 6 planned meals and the only way her mind and her body knew to compensate was through a high fat and high salt junk food. Neutral observation and recording allowed both of us to know what was happening and focus on the right solution and increase her nourishing foods by at least 30%. Most of my clients have defended their behavior for so long that they have a challenge remaining neutral as they observe and record.

The fourth step in the X5 Fitness weight loss process is to recognize, acknowledge and prioritize both internal and external strengths and weaknesses shown in the recording process.

A client told me that she felt depressed even thinking about not having popcorn while watching her favorite show, says Dadsetan. She didnt know how to respond when I asked her why she felt she had to give up popcorn once a week since I didnt see any reason for it. I pointed out that her food menu plan lacked many essential amino acids, including tryptophan a precursor to serotonin, which could help her feel good. Including plant-based whole foods to get her essential amino acids would have helped her with her feel-good hormones and weight loss more than avoiding popcorn.

The fifth, six and seventh steps in the X5 Fitness weight loss process are to plan, implement and adapt.

I am by nature and experience a planner, says Dadsetan. I really dont know how anyone expects to change without a plan. However, I think planning should be based on information about past and current behavior. This is why I ask clients to plan as they gather information about what they actually do. I tell them that even the best plans could fall apart under unexpected pressures of life. I show them techniques to help them focus on implementing their plans, adapting and coming up with new solution without losing their way toward their goal.

To get more information about X5 Fitness Camp 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge and summer workouts visit http://x5fitnesscamp.com/ or call toll-free at (877) 348-6873. Limited spots are available on first come first-serve basis.

About X5 Fitness

Vishy Dadsetan founded X5 Fitness in 2010 to condense over 30 years of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical experience into a step-by-step integrated fitness and weight loss process.

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