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…what I wanna do after school" just cuz they gonna look at me all funny and i like to stay to myself. Example, had a finance project and I was budgeting a car like we had to, I did a bmw m6. Teacher told… Talkwalker Alert: 50 results for [funny]

11 brilliant TV deleted scenes you might have missed, from Doctor Who to…

Friends: Chandler gets in trouble at the airportIn case you missed it, this funny airport scene was changed as it was due to air a couple of weeks after 9/11. Chandler’s silly wisecrack about a bomb… Talkwalker Alert: 50 results for [funny]

Ladies, choose to love this kind of man

Choose a man who loves to read, and not just for exams. He is wise and deep.3. Choose a man who is funny. You will never be bored.4. Choose a man who treats strangers and the less privileged with… Talkwalker Alert: 50 results for [funny]

Sandesh recipe in easy steps

…your brother, whether it’s that ‘khatti-meethi nok-jhonk’ or some funny incidents.Raakhi is a perfect day to relive those moments, and to express the love and gratitude to your sibling for being who he… Talkwalker Alert: 50 results for [funny]

Justin Moorhouse hears destiny calling

…us to be amusing (“everyone’s funny when they get together in the pub”) but comedians need to have … up in front of a crowd and be funny.“People say to me that you must be brave,” he explains, “but… Talkwalker Alert: 50 results for [funny]

#MSin5words: charity campaign offers intimate glimpse of life with condition…

…open to the entire MS community and other organisations.It’s also funny, warm and refreshingly honest, as the tweets show:What do other charities and groups have to say?Richard Lane, head of campaigns… Talkwalker Alert: 50 results for [funny]

Common Core Approved – Black Lives Matter Textbooks For Middle School…

…“opting out” means you don’t get federal educational funding. Yeah, funny that. Talkwalker Alert: 50 results for [funny]

Man Handling – Futility ClosetFutility Closet

…allowed the man the last word in an intellectual discussion.” “And the funny part of it is that the man, I think, is not always so unsuspecting,” one said. “He may sense the truth and become uneasy in the relation… Talkwalker Alert: 50 results for [funny]

Roos and Rainbows: Thanks Arynne and Dave! — Jindabyne, Australia

…a mean Sparkling Ale).But to finish on a happier note here’s a funny story about Australian wildlife: There was a nearby zoo that was transporting animals from one location to another. Unfortunately… Talkwalker Alert: 50 results for [funny]

‘October Sky’ Review: A Startlingly Good Musical Version of the 1999 M…

…are set to music. This is not musical comedy (although there are funny bits), and there is not even a choreographer listed (even though there are a few moments of movement), so its future commercial prospects… Talkwalker Alert: 50 results for [funny]
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