Ryan Tannehill Hopes Understanding of Dolphins' Offense Leads To Easy Transition
She thought it was funny and I thought it was funny. It's great. Any time you get some support it's a lot of fun.” “Yeah, I've got a little bit just going around the facility and seeing the pictures and hearing about the tradition of the organization.
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Plenty to see at the Eagle Festival, except for eggs
In order to get the best experience with our photo galleries, you must enable JavaScript in your browser. The male eagle at Norfolk Botanical Garden has had several paramours, but so far no eggs in the nest. (Courtesy of Norfolk Botanical Garden | WVEC …
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David Brin on the Need to Restore Optimism to Science Fiction
Brin, the author of such hard SF works as Earth, The Postman (which was adapted into a major motion picture), and the Uplift series of books, is renowned for not just his ability to weave an entertaining sci-fi yarn, but for his remarkable prescience …
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