Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) September 14, 2010

Retail Solutions Inc., the leading solution provider helping consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies create value from operational downstream data, today announced that Burts Bees, a leading manufacturer of earth-friendly natural personal care products, has chosen its On-Shelf Management solution to reduce out-of-stocks at a third leading US retailer.

We chose Retail Solutions because of their unique action-oriented approach to on-shelf availability, said Pete Alberse, Senior Vice-President of Sales, Burts Bees. We believe that phantom inventory is one of the major drivers of our out-of-stocks. Retail Solutions has developed a great algorithm to identify phantom inventory before it creates on-shelf availability issue, and they also offer actionable, proven processes that ensure systematic action is being taken on the basis of their alerts so that we can avoid losing sales.

Retail Solutions On-Shelf Management corrects perpetual inventory before it even affects replenishment, identifies out-of-stocks earlier and more accurately than traditional approaches but also systematically determines their root cause (such as phantom inventory, distribution voids, replenishment settings) to prevent their reoccurrence. The solution leverages proprietary algorithms developed over several years of research and development in partnership with the worlds largest CPG companies.

Using Retail Solutions insights, Burts Bees will adopt a dual approach to improve on-shelf availability:

Burts Bees will compensate perpetual inventory inaccuracies by leveraging Retail Solutions proven Distribution Center Push approach

Alerts will also be channeled to merchandisers to drive phantom inventory correction at the store level

We are delighted to continue expanding our relationship with Burts Bees, said Alex Hase, Vice-President of Sales, North America, Retail Solutions. Our strategy has always been that downstream data projects create significantly more value when they are complemented by applications such as On-Shelf Management, going beyond simple slicing-and-dicing of the data. With this new project, we look forward to contributing to the growth of Burts Bees sales across retailers by enabling superior on-shelf availability.

Burts Bees also has implemented Retail Solutions at two retailers in the drug channel, where the customer teams use Retail Solutions Retail Execution Management platform to transform retailer downstream data, such as point-of-sale and inventory data, into actionable reports, insights and alerts.

We are in search of sales growth and competitive advantage in all channels, at each retailer, added Alberse. Leveraging retailer downstream data both for visibility purposes but also to drive systematic improvements is a core strategy for Burts Bees. Retail Solutions helps us achieve this strategy by providing us with insights helping us determine where we should invest and apply resources both tactically, at the team-by-team or even at the store level and strategically, across retailers and channels.

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