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The Symposium also included spoken work, performances, and demonstrations by various departments. Floyd Griffin.


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i had a funny occurence last week. a friend had sent me a mix
containing this song. ive for a long time been in love with that
track and hadnt listened to it for a while … so i set out
find out a bit more information and stumbled upon an ebay
offer for a second hand copy of the vinyl ending in only one
hour. took this as a sign and made sure to win that auction.
anyways after a bit more research i found out that the song
was recorded exactly in the same year & month that i was born 🙂
the title " glücklich " in german means happy and i always manage to
feel that when listening. the same word can also mean lucky.
a lucky coincidence to remind me to feel happy more often 😉

if youre curious you can check the song here :