Question by Xica: I am looking for a poem that was posted on the “Tagged” website as a comment entitled “I Am Woman”?
I had come across this very inspirational poem on the “Tagged” website that had been posted as a comment. It was entitled “I am woman” I lost the comment, and have been trying to reconstruct it ever since. The words that I can remember are: I am woman…My kisses can heal a broken heart…Kings like Solomon succumb…Child-bearer..mother…daughter…sister…wife. I love my God and I know he loves me…that is a wrap…What you see is what you get, I shoot from the hip…at least I am not a Bible toting hypocrite…Say it again…Amen Amen! Please send poem or link to and send any copyrights or acknowledgments if necessary…I wonder who wrote that, it was very inspirational!

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Answer by exemplarus
xica, may I humbly suggest that you write one?;)

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