Cute kitten is just quackers about his new duckling pal
From pooches playing to kittens taking a cat nap, his photographs are a testimony to the talented woman who taught him his craft – Mark's late mother Jane Burton who pioneered the heart-squeezing style. Using a simple clean white background and some …
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Cute kittens put on a trolley good show
Cute kittens put on a trolley good show. He aint heavy, he's my step brother. … THIS paw orphaned kitten is all alone in the world – but a big, new pal is helping to cheer him up. comment on this story. Little Joey … Find out more about giving pets …
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Kitten vs. Doberman: Cute/Ridiculous Animal Thing Of The Day (VIDEO)
Everyone met the kitten and we allowed the dog to meet him too. My dad was holding this tiny thing and allowed King to brace off him and sniff the kitten. Swung on that big black nose in a second. It was so cute and funny how big of a dodge the dog did.
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