Question by StellaW: Is Pedialyte with zinc dangerous for cats?
I have been told by a vet before that it is okay to use Pedialyte for cats after vomiting. However, the bottle of Pedialyte now says “now with zinc.” I have read that zinc is bad for cats. Does this mean that Pedialyte is no longer safe?

Please don’t answer unless you actually know… no telling me to call a vet… it is 2 in the morning.

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Answer by Ch✡ya
It’s a day later so you may not need this now, but yes the amount of zinc you would find in Pedialyte is a safe dose. The problem has been manufacturers of cat food have put toxic doses in cat food which can cause kidney or liver damage and copper malfunctions.

Cats get lots of zinc from meat naturally, so it’s not like an allergy or intollerance such as chocolate or aspirin. Zinc in the correct dosage is an essential nutrient for cats.
There is food grade zinc in levels the USDA recommends that SHOULD be in catfood to prevent deficiencies.

There has been a problem with foods contaminated with zinc that were maybe stored in galvanized buckets, trashcans, etc. that the dose becomes so high by leaching out into the food from the zinc coating that it is poisonous. Regulatory bodies have allowed this, and is causing problems with cats. Here is a link of the problem:

From the article you can see that National Research Council recommends only 4.6 mg of zinc for cats a day (daily allowance for dogs and humans recommended by the NRC 15 mg). Several toxic brands and standards are hundreds of orders of magnitude above this.

I looked up Pedialyte with Zinc, and it has 7 mg per Liter. So I doubt your cat can drink a liter. It’s a safe dose.

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