Question by OHDANG,letsbang.: My puppy needs some serious help and I’m unsure what to do? Long paragraph so read only if willing to help.?
So, just two days ago my mother and I picked up a foster puppy from a rescue group, and though that he would be my project for the summer, you know, house training him and getting him on a leash. Well, the week or so before we visited him, I noticed something was a little weird about him. We estimated his age at about 2-4 months, and he wasn’t playing around like a normal puppy should be, he sat in my arms and cuddled. He was found on the side of a road about a month ago, and was brought into the rescue group by some very kind people. Well, since he was dumped on the reserve in Alberta, he had a good chance of picking up diseases such as parvovirus and distemper. He came into the group, a farm inhabited by many dogs and cats, in a little bit of a daze. He slept all the time, had goopy eyes, and a little bit of a runny nose. They all though that it was just overwhelming and he was possibly scared because he could have been easily abused. They left him with no medical attention for the time they had him, which was about three weeks. Apparently he seemed to be getting more playful and adjusting to his surroundings. We came and picked him up on Saturday, but we noticed that all he ever seemed to do was sleep, eat and drink. Occasionally, he would get look around, but remaining in the same place. Only once did he get up on his own and walk around to find someone, we left him alone on the couch for about eight minutes. We decided it was time to take him to the vet, he’d had his first set of vaccines to cover distemper, parvo and something else. We took him to the first vet and they said that he is very sick, underweight and dehydrated. She said that distemper was out of the question, although it is common in reserve dogs. She said parvo could be the cause, but he was still eating and drinking, and had only coughed up a bit of Flem, and the diarrhea wasn’t there, just the poo was a little soft and liquid-y. She suggested a respiratory infection, due to shallow breathing. His temp. was a little high, just about one degree higher than normal. We were told to go to another vet, where our pup was given a parvo test, which showed up negative, which was a relief. The only things remaining were his dehydration and the possible chance of distemper, and the respiratory infection. The second vet though it could have been a esophageal thing, because of the one regurgitation. But it seemed kinda far out, so he ruled it out. The vet also though distemper could have been high, because of the reserve. But quote from the symptoms are ” * Conjunctivitis (watery or pus-like discharge from the eyes) X
* Fever (usually present but unnoticed)
* Pneumonia (coughing, labored breathing)
* Rhinitis (runny nose or discharge from the nose) X
* Mild eye irritation
* Lethargy or listlessness X
* Lack of appetite
* Vomiting
* Diarrhea”

The x’s are symptoms he has, which is only three, I do not think that is enough to diagnose him with distemper.
And again, “Once inhaled, the virus moves to the lymph nodes, where it rapidly begins reproducing. It then spreads through the lymphatic tissue and infects all the lymphoid organs. This takes only two to five days. After six to nine days have passed, the virus spreads to the blood, then to the cell lining of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, urogenital, and central nervous systems. Once it has done this, symptoms begin to appear.”
This statement does not match up with the pup’s condition. He came in three weeks ago, with the same symptoms as he has today. There’s no distemper on the farm/rescue group, the only way he could have caught it was on the reserve. I’m sorry if this does not make sense, it is hard to describe through typing. If he came in three weeks ago with the same symptoms, and would’ve caught it on the reserve, wouldn’t the virus be attacking his nervous system and be pretty much…well, dead? It says the virus is variable and progressive, and to remain in the same condition for three weeks seems a little odd for distemper. The owner of the rescue group has a deep passion for animals and has seen many cases of distemper, and does NOT believe that the puppy has distemper. She says there’s not enough symptoms and he wouldn’t have been able to catch it on the farm, and probably wouldn’t be alive right now.

I’m sorry for my ranting, but I am deeply sad about all this, it would just be so sad to see him go at such a young age, and after such a miserable life.
The vet really doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about, he kept on switching the diagnosis and writing down incorrect information, almost changing it so he could get the diagnosis over with.
Please, please help if you are willing to. I’m also sorry for the incredibly long paragraph.
He’s also spent the night on IV for his dehydration at an animal hospital, if I didn’t mention it.
Nevermind… he died. =[
My heart and soul goes to him.

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