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Image by fishin widow
This is a new pomeranian puppy named Shuggs. She is 5 weeks old and has definitely got her own personiality of bullying her 4 sibblings around. She is the largest of the 5. Pure breed of pomeranian.

Corgi Puppy Named Arthur

Image by Mr. T in DC
Ran into a cute Corgi puppy named Arthur, on 8th Street SE this afternoon.

RAAF puppy named Rhino

Image by Aust Defence Force
The latest addition to the Super Hornet family has arrived safely at Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Amberley, Queensland with a puppy named Rhino in honour of the fighter jet. Rhino is one of the Air Force’s ‘Romeo’ three litter pups and has eight siblings – Raptor, Razor, Rolly, Roman, Reaper, Ripper, Raven and Riley. The pups, named by RAAF Amberley’s Health Operational Conversion Unit, are 15 weeks old and have been enjoying weekend home stays as they prepare to go into a foster care home as part of Puppy Development Training.


Photographer: LACW Kylie Gibson
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