Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) June 06, 2012

Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, recently posted a blog article recommending the Clarisonic skin care system in order to promote healthier and younger-looking skin. The electronic cleansing brush prepares the skin for topical products and can be used in conjunction with a regular skin care regimen consisting of daily maintenance products as well as specialized, targeted treatment.

Thanks to professional skin care brands Obagi and Clarisonic, one no longer needs to be treated by skin care practitioners or go to the medical spa or dermatology office in order to procure effective results in terms of obtaining gorgeous skin. Most any of us searching for ageless beauty and a peaches and cream complexion can effectively cleanse, treat, repair and protect our skin right from our own homes as long as were using potent, efficacious and professional strength products. Writes Karen of Beauty Research

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MediSpa Results at Home with Potent Obagi and Ingenious Clarisonic

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