Some cool organic skin care images:

Organic Skin Care – Gentle Scrub

Image by Marie Veronique Organics
Gentle Scrub, from organic skin care company Marie Veronique Organics: Gently removes excess dead skin cells that build up on the skin’s surface, Scrubs without stripping or irritating the skin with rice bran, marshmallow root and adzuki bean powders, Does not contain sharp granules that can create microscopic tears and abrasions which expose the skin to bacterial infections, Naturally soothes and softens skin with green tea, jade, oatmeal, and aloe.

Anti-Aging Oil Organic Skin Care

Image by Marie Veronique Organics
Anti-Aging Oil, from organic skin care company Marie Veronique Organics, combats aging with essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants from sea buckthorn, red raspberry seed and cranberry seed oils, protects and repairs the lipid barrier with essential fatty acids from grapeseed, tamanu and borage oils, seals in moisture and leaves the skin supple, smooth and more refined, provides an environmental protection barrier that prevents the elements from assaulting your skin, prevents moisture loss and dehydration.