Question by : Unsure which names I should use – 2 characters, not sure which to use as “real” name & “used” name. Help pick?
I asked a question the other day what names I should name my characters. From 8 names, 4 came through as the best, and I still can’t decide which ones to pick – so I’m going to use all 4.

Basically, [character 1] was adopted at a young age. Before he was adopted he had a name, however his new family gave him a different name. His birth mother plays a huge role in the story and refers to him quite a lot [however, as the reader you don’t know this because you don’t actually know he is adopted until quite later in the story]. Anyway, I need his BIRTH name as well as the name his adopted family gave him.

Here’s both the names for [character 1] –

1. Cecil (pronounced SEE-sul instead of SESS-ul)
2. Eros

Which should be his real name and which should be the name he uses?

Note – Some people may be confused as to which pronunciation to use of Cecil, but don’t worry it is talked about. [character 1] along with 2 other characters (Wolf and Shura-Lei) were abducted and experimented on by the Tunsulian army in hope to create a new breed of superbeings able to turn the tide of the war. When they all woke up they didn’t know their names, however had dogtags with their names around their necks. Wolf would ask character 1 “Is it See-sul or Sess-ul” and since he wouldn’t know because he’d lost his memory he’d pick See-sul because he thinks it’s better sounding.
((This is only IF Cecil becomes his adopted name).

[Character 2] is easier. He is what is known as a Wandered and thus never took a side in the war. To protect his family name and himself he goes by a different name. The only people who know his real name is his family and his lover, other than that he goes by his Wandered name.

Here are the two names for [character 2]

1. Aries (or Aeries)
2. Ruki

So, which should be their REAL names, and which should be the names they use (adopted name and Wandered name).

Thanks in advance.

Additional ———–
——– Bio’s of both the character. You can read them if you want as it might help influence your decision.

[Character 1]
He has obviously fake bleach blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin. His frame is small without any discernible muscles, however he can pack a punch. He smokes – a lot – and thus can’t really run far or fast. At a young age he was put up for adoption, and now works as a mechanic, developing weapons for the Tunsulian army. He is very patriotic and easily starts a fight with the opposition, even if he is outnumbered (people are unsure if he is brave or just stupid). He is easily impressed by pretty much anything shiny and loves to tinker with anything he finds. Beneath his loud, brutish and coarse exterior he is actually a very nice young man, giving those he cares about a hard time but running to their aid when needed. He sees himself as a ‘ladies man’ however fails 9-times-out-of-10 in his endeavors, (however this never puts him down and he only goes and tries harder.)
He goes by the name/alter ego – Project Odyssey.

[Character 2]
He has dirty blond hair, grey eyes with purple halos around the irises, and olive skin. He is a Beta Korone, which means he has blackish-purple wings. Like most Korones, he has a bit of a temper and is easily angered, but luckily also calms down quite easily. When the war began his race didn’t take a side and are therefore they are seen as ‘unpatriotic’ by both sides, yet not ‘unpatriotic’ enough to be shunned completely. At only 20 years old he travels the world with his boyfriend, Wolf (An Omega Korone) and the two of them help out whoever needs help, regardless of their alliance. He is rather shy, quiet and reserved, which often leads to him being talked over and his sentences interrupted. Yet, placidly he smiles and hides the annoyance with flared nostrils (until it eventually becomes too much and he gets very angry – the angrier he gets the quicker he cracks his knuckles). He hates any sort of conflict, be it verbal or physical, and tries to talk people down (usually [character 1]). He finds it hard to trust people and the only person he actually trusts as of yet is Wolf.
He goes by the name/alter ego – Protect Rapture.
Thank you for the contribution to the names ^_^ however I still plan to keep both [character 2] and Wolf male. Since Wolf lost his memory he also forgot his feelings towards [character 2], therefore when they meet up again you have this conflict of belief – one who is still in love with his former lover, and the other whose had basically been brainwashed into being ‘homophobic’. Although their love isn’t a major plot (not even a minor) it’s about the two of them overcoming the obstacles of their relationship. If [character 2] or Wolf were girls it wouldn’t make the love relationship much of a conflict and such
Anyway, love is love at th end of the day ^_^

But thanks for the name help 😛

Best answer:

Answer by JerryL
for character1 i thank his real name should be cecil and his adoptive name should be Eros. for character 2 Ruki should be his real name and aries should be his wandered name.

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