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Newborn kittens die after being saved from Md. sewer

The kittens, estimated to be about two days old, were discovered in the drain by employees of a nearby business on the 12300 block of Baltimore Avenue, according to a news release. The employees, who could hear the kittens meowing, called Prince …See all stories on this topic » WTOP Google [...]

US women move on after dispatching New Zealand

NEWCASTLE, England (USA TODAY) — Alex Morgan never wrote a check her neon green shoes couldn't cash. Before a U.S. women's soccer quarterfinal vs. New Zealand, she was willing to peek ahead to a potential semifinal vs. Great Britain, describing …See all stories on this topic » Google Alerts – [...]

Kittens rescued after being dumped in skip and taken for landfill

Unknown to recycling workers, Flower and her brothers Fergus, Fred and Frodo were in a box in the skip picked up in Leeds and taken to for landfill at Ploughcroft in Halifax. Luckily, the kittens – who were just two weeks old – were spotted and taken …See all stories on this topic » Halifax [...]

Tragedy as <b>baby</b> blogger's newborn daughter dies after 29 hours

Tragedy as baby blogger's newborn daughter dies after 29 hours “We are taking strength from the support and kindness of others.” Debbie started her blog, Family Life in Fife, to share recipes and housekeeping tips, but also used it to chart the progress of her pregnancy. When her due date arrived [...]

Kitten pushes tiny orphan in a trolley after its mother was killed crossing a road

Orphaned at just two-weeks-old, Joey the kitten is shopping for a new home quite literally – he's pictured in a trolly – after his mother was killed crossing the road near Exeter, Devon.See all stories on this topic » Daily Mail Google Alerts – kittens

Wedding couple's plea after thieves steal cards, cash and gifts worth £2000

HEARTLESS thieves targeted a wedding hit by floods and stole wedding cards, guest book, cash and gifts worth £2000.See all stories on this topic » Google Alerts – wedding

Happily Ever <b>After</b>: <b>Six</b> Ways to Save on <b>Wedding</b> Costs

Happily Ever After: Six Ways to Save on Wedding Costs From the dress to the décor, favors and food, couples spend an average of $ 27021 on the wedding day(1). Guests feel the financial burden, too, as the average American spends $ 1000 on gifts, travel and accommodations to attend a wedding. To [...]

Q&A: On the pill… after the “period week” Is it still effective? Will I have to wait?

Question by : On the pill… after the “period week” Is it still effective? Will I have to wait? I’m a little confused on how this works… I have the 28 day pack, with 21 active pills (all same strength) and 7 sugar pills. I’m on the sugar pills now. Am I still protected from pregnancy during the [...]

Appeal after three-month-old kitten found dumped on doorstep

A three-month-old kitten has been found dumped on a doorstep in Glenrothes, Fife. The Scottish SPCA has appealed for information after the black and white cat was found by a resident at Queen Margaret Drive on Thursday.See all stories on this topic » Google Alerts – kittens

Dog adopts orphaned kittens after their mother was hit by car

Elbert Bristow, 84, of Columbia, Alabama knew that his property would be a busy place this summer – he discovered that both his dog, Molly, and his cat would be giving birth to a litter of offspring. After the litters of puppies and kittens arrived …See all stories on this topic » Google Alerts – [...]
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