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Dog breed genetic tests put to the test

Dog breed genetic tests put to the test Every test of that brand identified him as predominantly boxer, plus Akita, Australian kelpie and a light blend of other breeds. Canine Heritage agreed that the chief … Annie's mother's purebred certification is from the Continental Kennel Club (CKC … Read [...]

Staff of a rare breed opens hearts, homes to kitten overflow

Along with warm weather comes more than sun and summertime, it's also kitten season. With that, there's been a flood of kittens pouring in to our local shelters, although many of them are still too young to be adopted. Over at Roice Hurst Humane …See all stories on this topic ยป Google Alerts – [...]

Whats a “stay small” dog breed?

Question by mycarnivalparadise: Whats a “stay small” dog breed? Ive been looking at dogs recently and i found small dog breeds but i find that they grow to be “medium” dog sizes in most cases, the dogs ive seen were probably just in their puppy stage which seeing them not fully grown isnt very [...]
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