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Chinese pregnancy calendar help please?

Question by cinnomint17: Chinese pregnancy calendar help please? Can someone due the Chinese pregnancy calendar for me and tell me what I should be having acording to this “myth”, I keep getting confused. I am due May 26th so I think I conceived on Aug 19th or 20th. Thanks Lol i know its not 100% [...]

Chinese consumers opting for more natural hair care products, finds Mintel

It found 81% of urban Chinese consumers say they prefer to buy all-natural hair care products and 10% rate the presence of natural ingredients as their most important purchase influence. In 2011, almost 64% of new hair care products released in China …See all stories on this topic ยป Google Alerts – [...]

Confusion regarding “chinese pregnancy calendar”?

Question by Sexy Terrorist: Confusion regarding “chinese pregnancy calendar”? Last evening i got a good news that I am going to be dad, today my wife for a checkup to my family doc and she said a new thing which is becoming an issue in my life and home. I already have a daughter, doctor said as [...]

INSPIRATIONAL GOOD NEWS!!! Chen Guangcheng: Chinese …

INSPIRATIONAL GOOD NEWS!!! Chen Guangcheng: Chinese Dissident Leaves for US. posted by Donna Calvin. UPDATE: 7:07 PM Saturday, May 19, 2012 ……/inspirational-good-news-chen-guangche… Google Alerts – inspirational
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