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Words of admiration from Tom Hiddleston's fans are cute like little kittens …

Recently(ish) I wrote a post about two friends from Philadelphia (friends of each other, I mean, though I feel like they're my friends now, as well ) who had launched an online petition to get People magazine to name British actor Tom Hiddleston as …See all stories on this topic » Google Alerts – [...]

Country Fans… Which Artist(s) Sang These Songs About “Cats”?

by patrickcoe Question by caveman: Country Fans… Which Artist(s) Sang These Songs About “Cats”? ***TITLE AND ARTIST*** #1) Which Artists had a “Calico” Cat?? (both Artists) #2) Which Artist had a Cat Named “Kallamazoo”?? Best answer: Answer by nia1. “You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma” – Shelly [...]

Catwoman Or Batman: Fans Decide Who Goes On Top!

Puppies or kittens? Batman or Catwoman?? Some questions just have no answers!! We think there is plenty of room for both if Anne doesn't mind sitting on Bale's Bat-lap, LOLz!! [Image via Warner Bros..] Tags: anne hathaway, batman, catwoman, …See all stories on this topic [...]

Anthony Bourdain's 'Scary' Hate Mail From Deen Fans

Paula's recipies are delicious and fattening and cholesterol laden and sugar infused – but no one is opening your mouth and forcing you to eat it. And she never ever said it was healthy. Believing Paula Deens recipes are healthy makes you so stupid …See all stories on this topic » ABC News [...]

Funny Video: Sh*t Knicks Fans Say – Amare Stoudemire …

The "Sh*t Knicks Fans Say" crew is back. This time providing a unique variation to their comedic commentary that left the world wide web in » KillerHipHop… Google Alerts – funny
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