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Giant baby avenges poor skin-care choices by abandoning mother …

By Cory Doctorow at 2:16 pm Monday, Jul 23. In this 1945 Life ad, a giant baby exacts a vicious turnabout-is-fair-play revenge on his mother, who failed as a parent an a human being by using the wrong skin–care products on him.Boing Boing Google Alerts – skin care

Kitten pushes tiny orphan in a trolley after its mother was killed crossing a road

Orphaned at just two-weeks-old, Joey the kitten is shopping for a new home quite literally – he's pictured in a trolly – after his mother was killed crossing the road near Exeter, Devon.See all stories on this topic » Daily Mail Google Alerts – kittens

Dog adopts orphaned kittens after their mother was hit by car

Elbert Bristow, 84, of Columbia, Alabama knew that his property would be a busy place this summer – he discovered that both his dog, Molly, and his cat would be giving birth to a litter of offspring. After the litters of puppies and kittens arrived …See all stories on this topic » Google Alerts – [...]

<b>Pregnant</b> Sarah Michelle Gellar is a mother on the go as she picks <b>…</b>

Pregnant Sarah Michelle Gellar is a mother on the go as she picks … The actress – who is thought to be almost five months pregnant – covered up her eyes with …. However, in the other photos I can see her father prominently! ….. Son had Spiderman mask around his neck · Where is a man when you need [...]
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