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Focus must be on pregnancy prevention

They do not tell their “clients” that every birth-control method they provide carries a level of risk of pregnancy and a higher level of risk of infection from sexually transmitted disease. Statistics have shown that where these measures have been …See all stories on this topic » Google Alerts [...]

Reducing <b>Teen Pregnancy</b> Must Be Priority

Reducing Teen Pregnancy Must Be Priority Prevention is also a tool to address child poverty and its associated symptoms such as the fact that children of teen mothers tend to have low school achievement, more health issues, are incarcerated more often during adolescence, have their own … Read more [...]

'Post-delivery care must to cut maternal deaths'

But a majority of these deaths can be prevented with special and concerted efforts in dealing with post-delivery care of the woman. The Federation of Gynaecological Socities of India (Fogsi) has taken up post-delivery, or postpartum, care as one of its …See all stories on this topic » Google Alerts [...]
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