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Hair Care Myths & Skin Care Tips

Hey guys! I am so so so sorry that there are no newly filmed videos! My flash drive and computer are being dumb and won’t let me transfer the videos on my memory card to my flash drive to my computer! It’s so frustrating!!! Well here’s a little update, my boyfriend and I are doing great! We’ll [...]

Mommy’s Minute – Pregnancy Myths

Pregnancy can take many teens by surprise. Learn all about the Pregnancy Myths and Facts and how easily ‘mistakes’ can happen. Visit

Gravidez – Mitos e verdades / Pregnancy – myths and truths

Reportagem EPTV sobre a Gravidez – O que é verdade eo que é mito sobre a gestação. Os benefícios da hidroginástica para gestantes – depoimentos de alunas da Fontanelli Swim Club Video Rating: 5 / 5

Pregnancy Myths Revealed

Every culture has its own pregnancy myths and old wives tales. Watch as these parents tell us some of the most common and just plain ridiculous ones that they’ve ever heard. For more information, visit

Q&A: Pregnancy gender myths?

Question by Ash: Pregnancy gender myths? What are some that you believe in, and your experience with pregnancy signs of the question “could it be a boy or girl?” I’m 12 weeks pregnant and want to get an idea of what others have gone through and what they think their baby will be or what they ended [...]
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