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Q&A: what are some good quotes or sayings the vancouver canucks said?

Question by valentineheartz: what are some good quotes or sayings the vancouver canucks said? For example, Tanner Glass always says the quote ” Don’t forget your smile” so i was wondering what other good quotes do the canucks players use or is inspirational? I would like to use these quotes in my [...]

Fitness Quotes: Sayings To Get You Moving

Despite everything we know about the benefits of exercise, it's still easy to make excuses to skip a workout. You've probably heard them all, and tried out at least a few: I'm too tired, I don't have the time, I'm not good at it.The Full Feed from Google Alerts – [...]

Latest Funny Omaha Sayings News

Advice, actions prove sometimes father knows best It's funny. Succinct. Offbeat. A bit cosmic, even, seeming obvious on the surface but … And, Skallberg says, by the time he and the airmen arrived in Omaha, her dad …. Kitty Wright's favorite Dadisms come in the form of sayings – bits of advice [...]

Father's Day <b>Quotes</b>: Best <b>Sayings</b> About Fatherhood

Father's Day Quotes: Best Sayings About Fatherhood Father's Day quotes both funny and sincere: ''Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad… Pinterest Father's Day Quotes | Remember that … Read more on Huffington Post 13 Crazy, Dirty Modern Proverbs Fred Shapiro, co-editor [...]

Q&A: What are some good FAMOUS “SAYINGS”?

by JellySunArt Question by Basic: What are some good FAMOUS “SAYINGS”? Hello, I want to know some good famous “sayings”. Something inspirational or anything for that matter. Here are some of mines that I’ve created on my own and famous ones. “Don’t seek for EVERYONE’S approval, because you’ll [...]
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