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More than 100 dead kittens are found in Monterey County raid

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for Monterey County said search warrants were obtained for the Seaside, Calif., properties after tips came in about numerous dead kittens. "We see a lot of hoarding cases in our county, but the fact …See all stories on this topic » Google Alerts – [...]

Appreciating Skincare That's Smarter Than You Are! Pro+Therapy Gentle Skin …

It's good to know people have my back when it comes to skincare, as I can be a bit of a moron – especially when selecting things like facial scrub. For years I mistakenly believed that the more abrasive the scrub, the better. After all, it's …See all stories on this topic » Monsters and [...]

Baby shower for women with husbands in military about more than just diapers …

It was about thanking the 40 wives of military men for dealing with pregnancy while their husbands serve during wartime, said LeAnn Morrissey, the founder of the group that hosted the party. "We're looking for moms that we can help who might be going …See all stories on this topic » Chicago [...]

Charity fashion show at the Crown Hotel in Stamford raises more than £400

Photo: SM300512-014ow Sly and Sly2 holding a fashion lunch for Action Medical Research at the Crown Hotel, Stamford. From left, Crown Hotel director Sally Rouse, model Yvette Mayo, stylist Emma Cutmore, model Britt-Marie Buck, owner of Sly and Sly2 …See all stories on this topic » Rutland and [...]

Unplanned pregnancies 20 times more likely on birth control pill than IUD <b>…</b>

Unplanned pregnancies 20 times more likely on birth control pill than IUD … The statistics are especially concerning for women under 21, for whom the risk of unplanned pregnancy when using birth control pills, the patch or ring was almost twice as high as the risk for older women. 16 worst birth [...]

Moms Pass on More Than Genes

But the health impact of obesity during pregnancy doesn't stop there. A recent study has found that being overweight before or during pregnancy can impact the health of a mother's children even in their later adult years, including high blood pressure …See all stories on this topic » Google Alerts [...]

Reputation — more than results — shapes fans' perception of Cleveland's pro …

By Bill Livingston, The Plain Dealer View full sizeMark Duncan, Associated PressDan Gilbert remains an inspirational figure to most Cavaliers fans — as well as disgruntled fans of the perpetually disappointing Browns and the winning, …See all stories on this topic » Plain Dealer Google Alerts – [...]
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