Wedding Cake Alternatives: BHLDN Takes The Cake To New Levels (PHOTOS)
Bored of the same-old same-old fondant and rosette wedding cakes? How about a donut tower, or a French croquembouche, instead?
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Nebraska Football: Husker Fans Create Impressive Memorial Stadium Wedding
All of which is to say, via, here we have some pictures of a wedding cake that's been made to look like Nebraska's Memorial Stadium and, well, as efforts like this go, it's pretty impressive. Good attention to detail. There are 16 pictures in …
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TAKING THE PLUNGE: Couple's 10-year wait for wedding photos coming to an
We never had a wedding, but we did meet with a JP in 2002. Yes, we're technically married, but we never had a wedding, cake, guests, pictures, or honeymoon/NOTHING. My 7 y/o drew us our only wedding picture a couple years ago. He felt sad that we …
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Should You Have A Groom's Cake? Classic Tradition Becomes The Trend Again
Unlike in the past, wedding cakes now come in a host of different flavors from chocolate to red velvet to banana crème, meaning that a groom's cake is no longer necessary to offset the light vanilla sweetness of a traditional wedding cake. Scroll down …
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