Question by : Will someone help me be a good sales associate?
I work at a clothing store in a mall, and I haven’t made a lot of sales. I’m afraid I’ll lose my job. I need to start selling stuff. The clothes are expensive so it’s kind of hard to sell clothes. -_-” People don’t have money?

But that’s not the problem, the problem is that I’m not selling a lot of stuff. The co-workers keep selling stuff. I’m in a rut. I can’t get out of it. What do I do?? UGH.

here’s what I’m doing:

New customer walks in.

“Hey! How are you?”

“Doing great, you?”

“Doing well myself. Did you know that we had a lot of sales on women’s shoes/men’s jeans (depending on the customer)? The men’s jeans are half off and the women’s shoes are marked down as well.”

“Oh ok, great. Thanks”

“Mhm. Not a problem”

Then I kinda follow them around I guess. Stay close to assist them and stuff. They never buy anything. I tried a lot. I tried flattering the customer by saying:

“That looks very pretty on you! The gold really compliments your skin tone!”


“That overcoat looks really good on you. This coat is uni-sex so your husband or boyfriend could use it if he were going somewhere real quick.”

Just anything! I can’t understand it. People walk in with money, and I cant figure out HOW TO SELL STUFF TO PEOPLE.

What about saying:

“If you don’t like it, bring in the receipt and we’ll let you exchange your purchased item for anything else in the store that you may like.”

for sun glasses I’ve said, “They are 2 for $ 20 or 1 for $ 12.99” and it never seems to fall through. Is it what I’m wearing? What am I doing wrong? I entertain children by playing some of their favorite songs, I entertain the African American people by playing some of THEIR favorite songs and artists, I do a lot for the customer. What am I doing wrong? I answer questions very politely, and stuff. Is it because they know that I’m following them? >_< what do I do??? D8>


I need to make MONEY. just so I can save it to move out of my sister’s place. -.- help?

– Memorial City Mall – Houston, TX

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