How to Get Your Newborn to Sleep: 7 Tips to Establish Sleep Routine

Alright, hold onto your baby monitors, because we’re about to dive into the gloriously chaotic world of newborn sleep training.

Now, I’m sure some well-meaning soul has already told you “sleep when the baby sleeps,” right? (Please hold your laughter.)

They conveniently forgot to mention that babies have the sleep cycle of a party-loving teenager, keeping you up at all God-forsaken hours and snoozing peacefully only when it’s time for you to start your day.

Hold your hats, because out of the murky waters of infant sleep science, we’re pulling out some bona fide strategies that might just give you a few precious extra minutes of dreamland. Remember, any minute you get to close your eyes is a win.

That right there?

It’s not dark circles under your eyes. It’s the lively Violet-Beauregarde-after-a-chew-of-Wonka’s-gum look that’s all the rage right now.

So, despite your beloved little vampire’s impeccable sense of timing, there are, surprisingly, strategies that work to establish a regular sleep routine. According to exhaustive scientific research

The Mystifying Rituals of Newborn Slumber

Oh, you thought deciphering the Da Vinci Code was tough? Wait till you’re attempting to interpret the sleep signals of a newborn (Spoiler Alert: You may need more than a fancy cryptex and gallivanting across Europe).

  • First thing’s first, commit this to memory: yawning, fussiness, and incessant eye rubbing are not your baby being dramatic – these are signs of tiredness.
  • Secondly, remember that a bored, staring-off-into-space kind of look is not your baby questioning the meaning of life (at least not yet), it’s code for ‘I need sleep!’

Here’s a bit of trivia for you: Newborns can function on a sleep-eat-repeat cycle that’s as short as one to two hours. Yup, it’s their personal brand of fun – keeping you on your toes, literally!

Catching these cues early might just buy you a straight ticket out of Fussyville. Miss ’em and welcome aboard the all-nighter express, also known as the “Party of Over-Tired Antics Without An End in Sight”.

  • So, our pro-tip? Catch these signs like pennies from heaven, learn your baby’s sleepy tells (trust us, they have them), and aim to get them down to sleep before they reach the stage of being over-tired.
  • Oh, and don’t forget, an overly stimulated environment might make them skip the tired signs and bounce straight into the ‘crying for no reason’ phase. So, keep things calm, you parenting-ninjas!

Decoding the Blink-and-You’ll-Miss-It Sleep Signals

Ever try reading newborn faces like a tarot card deck, hunting for signs of “Oh boy, it’s sleepytime!” amid the drools and googly eyes? You, my superbly sleep-deprived sleuth, are not alone.

Research points out that newborns have a myriad of sleep cues, from the super subtle (blink speed?) to the glaringly obvious (swan dives towards the nearest soft surface).

Because let’s face it – deciphering baby signals is like solving the Da Vinci Code, only your artifact is a grumpy, pint-sized human. And pro tip: frequently furrowed brows usually mean “nap, now!” or “change the channel, your soap operas are awful.”

That said, memorizing these signs might not be such a bad idea afterall!

    • When your Mini-Me pulls out the classic yawn, don’t kid yourself. They’re not bored with your singing, just summoning the Sandman.
    • You see them rubbing those adorable peepers a little too often? That’s not just practicing for a future in dramatic arts; they’re signaling sleep!
    • Whining and whimpering without an HBO drama level cause? It’s not the end of the world, simply sleep time creeping up.
    • A sudden dalliance with clumsiness? Tripping over toes they’ve only just found? Your tiny cipher isn’t auditioning for the next Laurel and Hardy, they’re begging for a nap.
    • Zoning out like they’re honing their mindfulness practice? Staring off into the distance or seeming to lose focus? That’s not a baby-size midlife crisis; they’re desperate for a disco nap.
    • You thought losing their smile was the onset of baby teenage angst? Nope! Those flattened moods are like alarm bells for your future yoga enthusiast. Shavasana, here we come!
    • The time when they go full Bruce Banner, transforming into cuter, diaper-clad Hulks? That’s meltdown mode, people. It’s not just a tantrum – they’re tired, and likely resisting the urge to snooze. Bedtime, STAT!

Rock-a-Bye Battles: Demystifying the Witching Hour

Now hold on sweetie, when it comes to this witching hour palooza, I know what you’re thinking: “Satanic rituals? My sweet little nugget of joy?” Heck no! It’s just the term tinkerbell moms used to describe that ghastly twilight time when your butter-bun turns into a fussy beast. Studies show it’s quite common, striking fear in parents faster than a spilled martini.

Whiskers twitching and tiny fists flying like swift sparrows, it feels like your love dumpling metamorphosized into a tiny Hulk. I’m talking about that white-knuckle, eye-twitching, ‘why-did-I-have-a-kid’ phase when your bumper-bumper decides they’d rather stage a scream-a-thon than slumber peacefully. I feel you, super-parent, I’m right there in the tattered trenches of Parentville with you.

But don’t despair, because Pluto isn’t always a planet, and Hercules wasn’t built in a day. Arm yourself with a know-it-all smirk and a trusty baby whisperer guide. Fear not, for every hellish hour has its end, and every moon has its dawn (even if it seems like fifty years away).

‘Cause Sleep is for the Weak: Baby Sleep Patterns Unveiled

‘s delve into the zany world of baby sleep patterns, shall we? (I’m talking about those adorable, drooling, sleep-when-they-want machines we call infants.)

In case you didn’t already know, babies are notorious for their chaotic sleep schedules, grabbing REM cycles like free samples at Costco.

Don’t believe me? You’d better pull up your comfiest diaper and buckle in (just kidding, they don’t make adult ones… or do they?) because we’re about to blow open the clandestine operation that is baby sleep patterns.

Baby Sleep Cycles: 5 Tips to Understanding The Great Biology Handicap

on espresso, then conk out again like teenagers after a calculus exam.

  • Tip One: The catch-a-nap-when-you-can routine ain’t so insane. After all, babies are born without fully developed circadian rhythms – it’s like their tiny bodies genuinely think a 10-minute power nap equals an entire REM cycle. Lucky gremlins.
  • Tip Two: Their rapid sleep-wake cycle (in sleep nerd-speak, it’s called “polyphasic sleep”) is actually Mother Nature’s survival tactic—you’d be more responsive too, if you thought the sound of the dishwasher was a lion.

Hard to believe, but they’re not deliberately trying to drive you to the brink of insanity.

  • Tip Three: Viewing their sleep patterns as the ‘norm’ for this stage (planned pandemonium, people!) instead of comparing it to an adult’s sleep routine will save you a lot of grey hairs.
  • Tip Four: Remember, nothing lasts forever. This includes the wild sleep ride that is the first few months of your baby’s life.

“This too shall pass,” whispered every exhausted parent on the planet to themselves at 3 AM. Mighty comforting, isn’t it?

Infant Sleep Stages: Hints Hidden in Tiny Twitches

is newborn babies! Yes, your little one, that non-stop miracle of life and cute can also be a decoding challenge when it comes to their sleep stages.

  • Tip Numero Uno: Keep an eye out on those tiny twitches. They could be your baby’s darling way of saying, “Hey, I’m transitioning from light to deep sleep here!
  • Blink twice and you’ll miss the subtle ‘fluttering under closed eyelids’, a classic sign that your munchkin is dreaming about their next meal (or diaper change, who knows?).

Feeling like you’re on a never-ending episode of ‘Who Wants To Be A Sleep-deprived Parent?’ Hold onto your sanity, folks!

Another trick in the book? Those adorable jerky movements aren’t necessarily them practicing their baby dance routines. It could signal that they’re moving from deep slumber to REM sleep, learn more about it here.

Practically running a marathon in their sleep? Don’t fret, your baby is just acting out their dreams. No need to hire a baby dream interpreter, it’s part of their natural sleep cycle.

So go on, don your detective hat and drop the illusion that you need a PhD in babyology. Reading your infant’s sleep signs is as easy as ABC… or ZZZ.

Project Pacify: Creative Soothing Strategies to Try

to clean up that kitchen disaster zone while schlepping a howling bundle of joy on your hip? (Yup, fun times).

So here’s your survival guide: look into a trusty baby carrier! Scientific shenanigans tells us that babies held in carriers are less likely to fuss, and more likely to fall asleep! You thank me later.

It’s Einstein-level of genius really – the rhythm of your movements, the sound of your heartbeat, it’s like a lullaby on repeat. Baby gets to nap and hey, you may even get a chance at making that coffee (MS – Miracle Sighting).

The Great Blankie Conspiracy: The Power of Familiar Comforts

So, you’re navigating the treacherous waters of establishing a sleep routine for your little bundle of joy, huh?

Undeniably, this is an adventure filled with more plot twists than a Tarantino flick, and about as much sleep as a caffeine-fueled all-nighter.

But don’t worry, because you are not alone in this wild safari of sleep deprivation. According to the National Sleep Foundation, most newborns are not biologically designed to sleep through the night until they are about three months old, a fact that might make us question evolution’s sense of humor.

So, hang in there, tired warrior. By persisting in this demanding task of creating a sleep routine, you’re giving your tiny treasure the best start in life – and hopefully earning yourself a few precious winks along the way.

The Holy Grail – A Consistent Sleep Schedule

You know the old saying “Consistency is key”?

Well, somebody must have whispered it into a baby’s adorable ears because they take it very seriously, especially in the area of sleep. (The Sleep Foundation can vouch for that.)

Who knew that having a daily routine akin to that of a drill sergeant could be the fairy godmother to your sleepless nights?

If sleep is a castle, routine is the fortress wall, people. And just when you thought, “Well, great, another Herculean task to juggle while resisting the urge to pass out from exhaustion,” remember that even Rome (read: sleep schedule) wasn’t built in a day.

It’s a work-in-progress, always evolving, just like your child’s latest fascination with their own toes.

Capturing Routines: Harnessing the Magic of Consistency

Putting the ‘fun’ in ‘functional’- that’s the name of the game, ladies and gents! ‘Cause, trust me, there’s nothing a newborn baby loves more than a consistent routine (or at least, that’s what we tell ourselves, while sucking down our fourth coffee of the day).

Don’t believe me? According to a fascinating study, it appears that routines actually help stabilize our tots’ mood and improve their sleeping patterns (I know, I know, I also laughed out loud).

So, let’s start early and give them something they can count on – apart from the never-ending supply of mom’s love, cozy snuggles, and, of course, your stupefying attempt at ‘Disney Classics Karaoke’ (you’re nailing it, by the way). Bring on the rub-rub-pat-pat-swaddle, people!

Dark Hour Detox: Transitioning from Choas to Clockwork

Well, you’ve driven down the rocky road of newborn sleep patterns and managed to keep your sanity intact. Suc-cess! (Round of applause, please, and maybe a nice cup of coffee).

  • Start easing into a consistent bedtime routine. Remember that renowned sit-com “Friends”? Well, consider this the ‘pivot’ episode of sleep training. Your baby might not appreciate the value of a good sleep schedule yet, but they will eventually.
  • Implement calming rituals before bedtime. This could be a warm bath, a bedtime book, or a lullaby sung slightly off-key (Hey, at least it’s not your shower rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody”!).

Babies, like a good Netflix binge, have a knack for sucking you into irregular hours.

  • If baby wakes up during the night, keep lights dim and interaction minimal. You’re aiming for a Steven Seagal movie vibe- low action, low drama.
  • Repetition is key. Just like “Groundhog Day,” except instead of Bill Murray, you have a tiny human with unpredictable sleep patterns. Studies show that babies start recognizing and adapting to patterns around 3 months old.

Hang in there – like a cat hanging on a branch in an old motivational poster. You’ll get your clockwork baby soon enough!

The Back is Where it’s At: 5 Safe Sleep Habits

So, you’ve finally gotten your baby to embrace the land of Nod, huh? Great job, momma! Or… did the baby finally have mercy on you?

Either way, ‘kudos’ and ‘sorry, it’ll happen again’ to you!

But hey, why stop at mastering the dark art of baby sleep schedules when there’s fun uncharted territory to explore?

Say hello to the thrill of newborn tongue cleaning! Sounds fun, doesn’t it? (Remember, humor is our best friend at this point).

  • Fridababy Finger Toothbrush: Get ready to ‘aaw’ at the sight of your little one’s first toothbrush. Not only does it clean, but it also massages tender gums—miraculous, isn’t it?
  • Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush: Witnessing your kiddo chew a yellow monkey and concurrently cleaning his tongue? Priceless.
  • Dr. Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush: Dude, this thing is shaped like an elephant. It’s like you’re clandestinely introducing your baby to the animal kingdom while maintaining oral hygiene. Sly, right?
  • Nuby 4-Stage Oral Care Set: Seriously, it’s like a car with features you’ll never use but it makes you feel fancy. So, why not? Plus, it does do the job!
  • The Brushies Baby & Toddler Toothbrush: It’s a puppet… and a toothbrush. I mean, come on! Doesn’t that make you wanna break into a pretend conversation? It will certainly keep your little one entertained as you do the cleaning.

Seven Tips & Easy Steps to Secure Your Newborn’s Sleep Schedule

The Consistency Code: Defining a Strict Routine

Now, don’t you dare think this “strict routine” business means you’re gonna be running your home like some boot camp for babies. But trust me, a little rigidity in the sleep department can work wonders for your tiny snoozer and your sanity.

Did you know that a whopping 97% of parents reported improved sleep patterns after implementing a structured sleep schedule? Yeah, that’s practically everyone.

So, how ’bout we take a leaf from their books, okay? Anyone claiming their baby sleeps like an angel without any routine…well, their pants might be on fire.

Ambiance Academy: Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment

Step right up, folks, and welcome to the Ambiance Academy, where we’re all about setting the stage for your tiny human’s slumber.

Now, you might be thinking, “It’s just a baby, how much ambiance do they need?” Fun fact for ya: quite a lot, I’ll have you know.

Did you know that eighty percent of overall sensory input to our brains is related to our sense of sight, folks? That’s right—the visual cake gets the biggest piece of the sensory pie.

Now, remember: Tiny Tim or Tina isn’t raiding the fridge at three AM because they like your choice of exotic pickles.

They’re just trying to tell you that their sleep environment needs a tweak or two. So, let’s get you enrolled in the Ambiance Academy and start acing this sleep thing, shall we?

The Dream-Feed Dossier: The Art of Late-Night Feeding

So you’ve heard of the dream-feed – a topsy-turvy concept as sleep and feeding don’t exactly go hand-in-hand, right?

But let me rock your world a little – it’s the covert operation you’ll want in your repertoire.

A recent study from the National Library of Medicine highlights the potential role of dream feeding in promoting longer sleep duration, something both you and your mini-you could definitely get on board with after a series of sleepless nights.

Imagine you feeding your drowsy little bundle of joy without either of you fully waking up and then – plot twist – they sleep longer!

Who knew that something so counterintuitive could be your secret weapon against the midnight scream-fest?

Day-Nappers Guild: Encouraging Proper Daytime Sleep

So, you’ve heard of the knights of the round table, but let me introduce you to a far cooler group: The Day-Nappers Guild. These are your little cherubs who understand the sacred craft of daytime snoozing and, let me tell you, there are some real lords of slumber in our midst.

Research has shown, (now don’t choke on your coffee as I drop these bomb facts), that an age-appropriate daytime nap routine can be the key to unlocking a peaceful night for both baby and you.

So, let’s become sleep-deprived Sherlock Holmes for a hot minute and unravel this mystery of the perfect daytime sleep. Because, remember folks, nailing the art of the nap could be your ticket to that long-lost friend called Sleep.

Let’s tackle this from the top.

Starting off on the wild, sleep-deprived ride of parenthood, you might be as clueless as a kangaroo with kangaroo pocket-sized reading glasses trying to decipher The Complete Works Of Shakespeare. The thing about newborns is, they’ve got their own version of Morse code when it comes to sleep signals.

  • Eye-rubbing: If your tiny tyke is performing an impromptu mime show of Titanic’s sinking (you know… rubbing their eyes like there’s no tomorrow?), it’s bedtime, baby.
  • Yawning: This one’s a no-brainer. If Mr. Snuggles starts yawning, it’s curtains down, pronto!
  • Irritability: When your mini me morphs from an angel into the grumpy cat, it’s not you, it’s sleep deprivation.

Let’s not even get started on the witching hour – that charming period when it feels like you’ve been cast into a Harry Potter movie, except, there’s no magic, it’s just excessive wakefulness. A scientific study (here, for the statistically inclined), reveals that during evenings, babies often have a natural upsurge in motor activity. Who knew, right?

By the way, have you ever noticed your baby twitch and make weird eye movements during sleep? No, your baby isn’t training to be the next Wolverine. It’s merely sleep stages!

Signs, Signals, and Sleep Cues: Reading Your Baby’s Silent Language

Ah, yes. Your little bundle of joy, equipped with an entire language you have yet to master. The coos, the gurgles, and, dare I say, drool signals.

Heck, even those intermittent fits of squawks and chirps – pearls of wisdom, I assure you. But, dear warriors of the witching hour, what you might not be prepared for are the silent sleep signs.

That blink-and-you’ll-miss-it twitch of an eyelid that signals sleepiness? It’s like trying to decode Morse Code in a hurricane.

According to a cute (read: terrifying) little study, newborns sleep an astounding 16 to 17 hours a day, give or take a few minutes (or, ya know, hours). Good luck spotting those elusive sleep signals.

So, allow me to offer some survival tactics, you battle-scarred night owls. Tune in to your baby’s non-verbal cues like heavy eyelids, decreased movements, or the age-old yawn.

Stay vigilant, my friends, because you’re about to become an expert in baby body language – no Rosetta Stone required.

Calming Cadence: Incorporating Soothing Sounds and Rhythms

The sound of who, you ask in suspense? A vacuum!

Yeah, you heard it right, folks. Studies about white noise have revealed that familiar rhythms can be the sleep fairy’s best sidekick when it comes to soothing your ever-tuned-into-the-world tot.

Also, who needs Mozart when you can serenade your baby with the sound of the dishwasher’s sweet symphony? (Just be sure to skip the glass-crashing finale, trust me on this one.)

Remember, these aren’t sure-fire tricks, nothing is when it comes to newborns, but hey, in the spirit of desperation, it’s much better than playing a dangerous game of Is-This-The-Apocalypse-With-This-Endless-Crying.

Adventures in Aromatherapy: Using Soothing Scents for Sweet Dreams

So, you’ve entered the realm of aromatherapy? Adorable, I know.

Somehow, we’ve been convinced that filling our homes with scents reminiscent of a spa can effectively translate into a snoozing infant – and you’re thinking why not, right?

  • Start small. Try a splash of lavender essential oil in a diffuser during bedtime, its pervasive influence known for having a calming effect.
  • Cedarwood’s earthy aroma can lure even those with the most resilient of insomniac tendencies into deep slumber.
  • Just remember, moderation is key – a blaring scented candle can go from soothing to suffocating real quick, and you do not want your home smelling like somebody’s poorly ventilated tattoo parlour.
  • Also, be cognizant of the ages—infants under 3 months shouldn’t be exposed to essential oils. Trust me, it’s a safety thing.

And remember, this isn’t some hippy-dippy magic cure-all, it’s merely a tool in your quest for those precious, priceless moments of silence.

Sure, maybe your baby has a thing for patchouli and decides they hate chamomile – but hey, at least trying these natural solutions can lead to some pretty entertaining revelations.

Wait till you find out your kiddo has a nose for luxury, favoring sandalwood over all else.

So give it a go, mama. With a bit of forethought, and a decent diffuser, you just might be on your way to Sleepy-time-town sooner than you think.

Lulling Luminosity: The Wonder of Dimmed Lights and Star Projection

Ever considered the illumination situation in the baby’s room? Dimmed lighting could be your secret weapon.

Studies by the National Sleep Foundation reveal that light, or lack thereof, influences the sleep-wake cycle, especially for newborns who are still working out this ‘day and night’ business.

Now consider these fancy star projections, the next level in sleep lulling technology.

Who needs a basic night light when you can transform the nursery into a star-studded wonderland? We’re talking full-on Van Gogh’s Starry Night up in here, peeps.

So remember, when prepping for bedtime battles or napping navigations, pay mind to the luminosity. Your little one’s room doesn’t need to mimic the Vegas Strip, but just enough warm glow to pacify, persuade, and eventually pull them into dreamland.

Sleep Saviors and Sanity Savers: Extra Tips and Tricks

Alright, so you’ve tumbled down the Google rabbit hole and have somehow found yourself here. Excellent choice, might I add, considering there’s no shortage of contradictory and overwhelming information out there.

  • If you’re arsenaling up for the war against your newborn’s circadian clock, an adjustable night light should be your first draft pick. Not only would this gadget give you just enough light to change those midnight diapers without waking up the entire neighborhood, but it also sends baby the ‘hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign’ signal your smartphone fails to communicate effectively.
  • Trying to get your baby asleep in under a minute? Stay tuned for this nifty trick and you might just earn yourself that Mom of the Year trophy. Taste tested and baby approved, swinging baby gently in your arms while humming a soothing lullaby is a tried and true method. Evidently, this ingenious method is way more effective than the increasingly popular method of reading the tax code aloud to lull them into slumber. Who’d have thunk?!
  • As a doting parent, you know the transformative power of a well-placed googly eye. So why not put those googly eyes to good use on baby’s sleep buddy, the pacifier? Studies show that babies are inexplicably drawn to things with eyes. But don’t just take my word for it, dive into the intriguing world of baby psych himself here.

And remember, regardless of what anyone says, you’ve totally got this sleep thing covered. And if you don’t, well, there’s always coffee and parenting blogs like this one to see you through.

Stay tuned, slumbertime warriors, where next week we’ll cover how to convince your baby that 3 A.M. is not, in fact, party time. Now wouldn’t that be something?

Zombie Mom Chronicles: When to Ask for Help

So you’ve done the soothing lullabies (in multiple languages, mind you) and made a physical sacrifice to the gods of slumber, but your googly-eyed angel still treats sleep like it’s a dragon to be slain (at 3 a.m., nonetheless). This lively display may thrill your Instagram followers but, sweet exhausted mama, it’s okay to tap out and pass the baton.

See, there’s no medal in the Mom Olympics for consecutive hours spent awake (seriously, we’ve checked).

Now, you may be thinking, “Sure, that’s all well and dandy, but who the heck do I ask for help?” Well, darling, a recent study shows that family support during these early months can significantly reduce stress and improve overall family wellbeing.

Your partner, your mom, your neighbor, your distant cousin, hell, even your friendly mailperson- if they’re willing to do a baby handoff for you to catch some z’s, take them up on it. Because remember, a well-rested mama is a happy mama – and a happy mama can conquer just about anything. Even sleep-deprived karaoke.

After all, sleep isn’t just for the weak – it’s for the wise too. So go on and text your village, dear reader. Zombiedom awaits no mother!

Sleep Training School: Cry-it-out, Fade-out, and Other Methods

So, you’ve officially sashayed into the Sleep Training School, huh? Buckle up, because this ride’s got more loops than Grandma’s knitting!

  • Cry-it-out: This one’s just as it sounds, and let me tell ya, it’s not for the weak-hearted. It involves letting your little one wail their heart out until they sleep. Brutal, I know, but sometimes effective. Pack tissues for you, not the baby.
  • Fade-out: A somewhat kinder approach. You gradually reduce your bub’s dependency on you at bedtime. Less medieval, more ‘patience of a saint’.
  • Other Methods: There’s a smorgasbord of strategies out there, from neurologically-inclined techniques to old wives’ tales. A simple search engine exam may direct you down an entirely unexplored route. Yeah, that one with less crying and more sanity.

Essentially, it’s about finding the approach that feels least like medieval torture for everyone involved – depending on age, temperament and how many grey hairs you’re willing to gain in the process.

But here’s a nugget of wisdom: no one method fits all. It’s like finding that perfect pair of shoes. You gotta try a few before you land on ‘The One.’ After all, Cinderella didn’t rely on just one shoe store, did she?

On second thought, maybe she would have appreciated the cry-it-out method. It sure would have sped up that prince finding her!

Possible Potholes: Navigating Bumps in the Sleep Training Road

Well, you’ve survived the Siberian camping trip of newborn sleep rituals (Oh, didn’t you know? The whole ordeal was meant to be an arctic holiday.)

Along this frosty journey, you’ve gained some priceless pearls of wisdom that’d put any insomniac guru to shame, and you’ve weathered the temper-tantrum tempests that can oddly resemble a horror movie sequence. You’ve stared into the bloodshot eyes of your adorable sleep thief and declared, “I will decode you!”

And what did you get in return? The sneaky little non-sleeper just stared back, supremely unimpressed. But, hey, take heart! You’ve compiled an arsenal of ‘secret soothing strategies’ that’ll make any sandbox-trapped toddler green with envy.

Now, establishing the holy grail known as routine feels less like taming a wild beast and more like, well, mastering the world’s most complex Rubik’s cube.

But who cares? We both know you’re now part rock-star, part ninja, and an all round sleep-defying superhero, aren’t you?

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