Binky Battles: The Pros and Cons of Pacifiers

The debate surrounding these baby-soothing tools has been lurking under new mothers‘ noses for ages, causing more internal battles than a stubborn diaper rash. (And let me tell you, that rash can be a real doozy.)

Sure, pacifiers are hailed as the holy grail of silencers, but are they really as angelic as they seem?

Now, according to our reputable pals at the American Academy of Pediatrics, pacifiers can help reduce the risk of SIDS, but many argue they lead to early dental issues, and they’re as addictive as late-night reality TV shows.

When do you introduce them? How do you wean the little munchkins off? These questions can be as tricky as assembling a crib using instructions written in another language. (It’s like deciphering hieroglyphics, folks.)

So, my dear, exhausted, spit-up-stained readers, are you ready for a no-holds-barred exploration into pacifier paradise (or purgatory, depending on your perspective)? Yeah, I thought so.

The Great Pacifier Debate: Much Ado About Suckling

So, you’ve recently been inducted into the world of tiny dictators—congratulations! You’re a new parent.

The realm of baby-care is like a gladiator’s pit, with one of the first battles you’ll encounter revolves around—wait for it—a tiny piece of silicone attached to colorful plastic, the mighty pacifier. To navigate this toothless-warzone, you’ll need all the information you can get, and here’s where I come in, your Super Nanny equipped with a snarky sense of humor.

Look, I could spend time waxing poetic about the pros and cons of pacifier usage, but I won’t (well, not too much).

Instead, put on those adulting pants (hideous ones that they are), and let’s dive into the actual merits and demerits surfaced from using these baby tranquilizers. We’ll tackle the pacifier debate head-on: should you or should you not submit to the magical powers of the pacifier?

Fasten your seatbelts, ‘coz buddy, it’s gonna be a bumpy, drool-filled ride.

Are Pacifiers Beneficial for Babies?

So, you’re stuck in the great philosophical quagmire of “To paci or not to paci?” It’s like the Hamlet of parenting decisions – to use a pacifier or endure the highly dangerous decibel levels of an unhappy infant?

  • Some swear by the pacifier, declaring it the holy grail of immediate quietude. A bit of plastic and latex and voila, a mute button for your offspring – handy, huh?
  • On the other hand, the ‘pacifier-free’ faction marches on the path of “natural soothing methods”. Self-soothing, thumb sucking–hello hygiene issues–or the golden oldie: innocently jiggling the car at 3 am to mimic womb movement.
  • Then you have the fence-sitters, keenly waiting for another Harvard study to tell them which end is up.

If you thought the pros and cons were easy fodder, you’re in for a shock. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, alright?

Regardless of the ”pacifier pundits’” claims, it’s not just about tempting tranquility or defending dental health. No, no, it’s a far greater and philosophical duel – autonomy vs instant silence! Ready for that, new parent?

Cringe all you want at the mention of ‘pacifier’, but we dare you to go one sleepless night without it. Then we’ll talk, champ!

What Would Freud Say: Oral Fixations and Unhappiness

No doubt, the paci-world is a high stakes game, involving sleep deprivation rights and the sanity clause (the one that stipulates you need to claim at least some of your marbles).

It’s a wild, suckly ride, filled with riveting tales of late-night treasure hunts for the elusive dummy, fraught teat-printing disputes, and the occasional glorified pacifier fairy sighting.

Yet, studies confirm it, folks: Pacifiers are double-edged soothers, offering both moments of absolute peace and bouts of chaos. They literally suck you in, in more ways than one.

The balance is a tricky one: pacify your newborn with one hand and defending the paci-fort with the other.

Apart from the covert operations to keep the paci sanitized, the real challenge kicks in when it’s time to forge the paci-detachment treaty.

The exit strategy could range from a peaceful transition agreed upon a mutual chew-toy handover, to all-out paci-wars. Here’s to hoping you can navigate through the paci-jungle without losing your sense of humor (or your last remaining paci).

Zero to Hero: Pacifier as Transformational Device

Ready or not, here comes a doozy of a topic: The Pacifier.

Ah, the humble pacifier. Some may call it a simple piece of plastic with a teat, or perhaps the infant equivalent of ‘defusing a bomb’ (because let’s face it, when squalling hits fever pitch, the right pacifier can pretty much make you a hero).

But, just like avocado on toast, it’s somehow been the hub of a storm of heavy debate. Pacifier: Bane or boon? Time to bust out the ‘pros and cons’ list. So, buckle up, because we’re about to plunge into the hot mess that is ‘Pacifier Etiquette 101’.

Think about it. We’ve been on the moon, we’ve split the atom, but if someone asked us to pick the best pacifier? Well, let’s just say, it’s easier to achieve world peace than make a new mom choose her preferred paci brand.

Oh, the humanity! Brace yourselves, folks. We’re just getting warmed up.

The Pacifier-Carrier Badge of Honor

Now, let’s be real here. Strapping that neon pink, drool-coated pacifier to your youngster isn’t just about halting the wailing; it kind of makes you a bit of a big deal in certain circles.

According to this riveting read about pacifier use, almost 85% of infants use pacifiers. Knowing you’re part of this elite club, it’s like having a backstage pass at a boy band concert or finding out you’re somehow distantly related to George Clooney.

Still, you’ll probably want to downplay your superstar status at the next PTA meeting. Unless you’re aiming to make “Paige, the Pacifier Princess” the hottest gossip around the chocolate chip cookie spread.

Saving Marriages, One Suckle at a Time

Have you ever noticed how something so small it’s dwarfed by the size of your palm can bring monumental peace between you and your partner, you know, the one who started blaming your gene pool after being woken up for the fourth time by a screaming tiny human? Yes, that glorious hush-maker, often flying under the banner of ‘pacifier,’ can be a relationship’s best friend in those sleep-deprived first months.

  • Those 3 AM fits? Eliminated in seconds with the tried and true plug ‘n’ play method.
  • Panic setting in at the thought of an inconsolable baby during a road trip? Blues Clues has got nothing on that soothing piece of silicone.
  • When hugs, singing and walking around as if practicing for a marathon don’t quiet the baby, remember the wizardry a pacifier performs by transforming your teary-eyed babe into a peaceful cherub.

Who knew that something as infantile as a pacifier could help you keep sane and maintain harmony in your relationship in the unexpected battleground that is parenthood?

Adding weight to this cause of pacifier prowess, a study from the University of Virginia found a significant correlation between infant crying (the reason for our sleepless nights) and marital instability. It goes to show, anything that can convert those cries into coos, might just be an unsung hero the relationship world needs more of.

So next time you see another new parent, extend an arm, pass a pacifier and bear witness to the relief washing over their face—and maybe, just maybe, thank Freud for something else other than his dry theories on psychoanalysis.

The Dark Side of Paci-dom: What are the disadvantages of using pacifiers?

Now, I know you’re thinking, “Hey, these little suckers seem like a lifesaver!”

But before you get lost in lullaby land, let’s chat about a few bumps that hang out on paci-road. ‘Cause just like adorable toddlers hiding an uncanny ability to smear peanut butter everywhere, pacifiers come attached with a darker, slightly stickier side.

A side I’ve lovingly termed as the ‘Paci-dom’, with the ‘dom’ pointing not-so-subtly to ‘Doom’.

Anyone who’s parented a pacifier-loving bub knows the distinct… aroma… that emerges when a pacifier is lost and rediscovered several days (or weeks *gag*) later under a couch cushion.

And let’s not get started on the heart stopping moment when your little darling drops the pacifier in the park and then reaches to pick it up.

Trust me, you’ve never experienced true speed until you’ve tried to intercept that move (let’s call it ‘The Save’, for the sake of grandeur).

Along with these small misadventures, pacifiers come with their own set of challenges that would test even the composure of a Zen master.

How many pacifiers can your stylish handbag swallow? Will you need to upgrade to a Mary Poppins-esque bottomless bag? Let’s dive deep into these pacifier pitfalls and prepare you for the slightly slimy, potentially smelly, but ultimately survivable Dark Side of Paci-dom.

Those Funky Smelling, Under-the-Couch Finds

Have you ever reached deep beneath your couch cushions, expecting to find loose change or, I don’t know, the missing remote? What you often seem to encounter instead is ten day old pacifiers, as crusty as day-old bread and emitting an odor that screams, “Why do I smell like old socks?”

According to a study by Science Daily, surprise, surprise, those pacifiers have about as many germs as a petri dish in a 9th grader’s science project.

Yeah, cue the panic, but remember wiping, not rinsing, is what the cool moms are doing. After all, who has the time to sterilize pacifiers when there’s life happening and your 2-year-old suddenly thinks he’s Usain Bolt?

Introducing: The Drag-Along Dribble Trail

With an impressive ‘gift that keeps on giving’ ability, your living room floor will be shining with glistening drool drops made possible by the beloved pacifier’s parade.

Studies show that infants can produce a staggering amount of saliva,  making the pacifier’s dribble track an unfortunate probability, rather than a slight chance.

So, what’s a dedicated pacifier keeper to do?

Balancing the soothing properties of the ‘paci’ and the domestic horror of cleaning up that charming drool trail, truly an arduous quest only parenthood can bestow upon you. Say hello to mop-bucket Mondays!How Many Pacifiers Can Your Purse Actually Hold?

High Stakes and Hard Choices: Picking a Pacifier that Won’t Haunt Your Dreams

Alright, it’s time we explore one of the lesser-discussed realities of ‘Paci-dom’: the dreaded dribble track.

You might think it’s a rare occurrence, but you, my friend, are sadly mistaken.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s a high chance, way higher than finding a five-leaf clover, that your little adorable drool machine could conquer not only your heart but also every fabric surface within a mile radius with a snail-trail of pacifier-encouraged dribble.

Think of it as their way of marking their territory, like a little domesticated drooling lion, only… well, droolier.

The Elusive Pacifier: Specialty Stores Only?

Ever walked into a specialty baby store and thought you’d somehow wandered into a secret society meeting? (Hint: You basically have, so don’t blow your cover.)

According to statistic nerds, specialty retail baby stores in the US raked in roughly 2.3 billion dollars in sales in 2019.

That’s a lotta dough spent on fancy pacis!

Give a quick glance for the clearance aisle, then lead the uninitiated parent there, saving them from the lure of incredibly expensive, yet oh-so-covetable platinum pacifiers (perhaps not actually made of platinum, but with that price tag, they should be!).

What are some alternatives to using a pacifier?

Alright, smarty-pants, you’ve decided that the pacifier’s not your cup of tea, or should I say, your baby’s ‘cup of soothe’? No judgment here; we all know that parenting gig is more ‘how-the-heck-do-I’ than ‘how-to’.

  • Ever considered an age-old miracle worker, the thumb? None of that dropping, cleaning, losing business.
  • Soft toys can work wonders too. Not only do they provide comfort, but they also double up as adorable companions.
  • Some parents swear by muslin squares – easy to clean, hard to lose and quite the snuggle charm!
  • Teethers are another option, offering that all too appreciated bonus of, you’ve guessed it, teething relief.
  • Even a bottle can do the trick, if filled with plain water – hydration and pacification, talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Now if you’re worried those alternatives won’t cut it, let me ease your mind with some hard-core wonder of science. They’ve crunched the numbers, and guess what – pacifier or no pacifier, babies gonna baby.

When push comes to shove (or should that be cry?), remember the golden rule of parenting – whatever works. Only thing written in stone? There will be spit, and not just from your little bundle of joy.

And give yourself some credit – navigating through this pacifier conundrum just signals you’re getting the hang of this parent thing. Go you!

How to Wean a Baby off Pacifiers?

So, you want to play Pacifier Prohibition and give your kiddo their first taste of cold hard reality?

First, remember that this isn’t just about a small, seemingly mundane piece of plastic. This is about routine, comfort, and habit – your child’s triple threats to a fierce game of parenting pinball. Yes, it’s often less a case of ‘snip, snip, hooray!’ and more a tissue-clutching, nerve-shattering hostage negotiation.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

  • Start slow. Gradually swaddle them in less pacifier time – playtime without Paci is a great start. Who needs a hunk of plastic when there are blocks to be stacked sky-high?
  • Lose it at home. Reserve the use of batty batons for outside the house and during naptime – it’s like your child’s emotional safety net as they wobble on their pacifier-less tightrope.
  • Set the limit. Let your little one know they’re big and capable enough to leave behind this baby habit – just like their favorite superhero, Super No-Soothers (patent pending).
  • Swap it out. Replace the paci with something else comforting – a stuffed animal, a blanket, or maybe even that cuddly toy they’ve been eyeing at the toy store.
  • Distract, distract, distract. Fill their day with fun activities that make them forget about their suckling sidekick. How about a romp in the park or a wild DIY painting adventure?
  • And finally, stay strong,eastwood style baby. Despite the storm of cranky tantrums and teary pleadings, hold your ground. As the saying goes, this too shall pass.

And there you have it! A simple, albeit a bit comical, roadmap to rid your household of Paci-mania. Fear not, intrepid paci-wrangler, the next chapter of parenting awaits – ‘The 7 Best Platinum Pacifier: When Price Equals Peace’. Who knew a plastic pebble could cost an arm and a leg?

The 7 Best ‘Platinum’ Pacifier: When Price Equals Peace

You know, they say ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, but let’s face it – that’s just until she a baby. Then it’s less about sparkly distractions and more about, well, quiet.

Peaceful, blissful quiet.

And sometimes, for that, a little ‘platinum’ in the paci department is just what the doctor ordered.

But how do you choose with so many contenders vying for the crown, each one promising endless hours of peace and quiet?

Well, here’s the cheat sheet you never knew you needed. Seven ‘Platinum’ Pacifiers, each one put through the ringer and given the old once-over, so you don’t have to.

  • The ‘Hush-Me-Not’ Pacifier: This one has what we call the ‘stay-put’ power. Baby tries every trick – tongue flick, spit blow, angry hurl – but this paci just holds its ground. Silver lining – it’s always in, not on the floor. A bit of a downside, it’s the ‘Rolls Royce’ of pacifiers, so quite the investment.
  • The ‘Silent Night’ Soother: Designed with optimum comfort in mind, this one is like a lullaby in pacifier form. But beware, it’s so good that you may have some difficulty weaning your little one off it. On the plus side, silent nights – need I say more?
  • The ‘Rock-a-bye’ Dummy: This pacifier is all about durability. It’s made to weather every baby-led storm, promising a long-life of rock-a-bye respite. However, you might want to buy stock in dish soap – it’s a bit of a grease magnet. But have faith, tough cookies, it’s a small price to pay for a pacifier that can outlive a nuclear fallout.
  • The ‘Pacifier of Paradise’: Now, this is your top-shelf, best maintained for special occasions paci. It’s the ‘treat yourself’ of baby pacifiers. Just a tad bit expensive, but all that glitters pays for silence and let’s be honest, it’s almost like a piece of wearable art.
  • The ‘Enduring Evergreen’ Paci: This pacifier is a favorite among parents due to its ease of cleaning and sanitizing. But it’s not without its downside, it has a mind of its own and can wander – under the sofa, down the back of the cot. The pro though? It’s easy to clean after it’s been on an adventure!
  • The ‘Sweet Dreams’ Dummy: Orthodontists rejoice! This one’s designed to optimize dental health while providing much-needed respite. Although it might cause a minor dent in your wallet, it’s orthodontically-friendly design and peaceful nights make it worthwhile.
  • The ‘Golden Slumbers’ Soother: This is the last-ditch-effort, break-in-case-of-emergency pacifier. It’s loved for its durability and baby-approved comfort. Sure, it comes with a slightly hefty price tag, but can you really put a price on your sanity…or sleep?

Design Over Function: Yes, Even if Those Animal Pacifiers are Remarkably Cute

Listen, you’re not alone in your quest to keep your kid’s accessories on point. It’s tempting to go for those adorable zebra-striped and hot-pink elephant pacifiers, right?

But before you start swiping that credit card, let’s talk about striking a balance between fashion-forward suckling and practical function.

Putting design over function might make for fab Insta pics, but you also gotta think beyond the gram.

So, let’s delve into choosing the right pacifier that isn’t gonna sabotage the whole operation.

  • First tip, you gotta check the material. It might not be as fun as picking between a dragon or a unicorn, but hey, your baby’s health is paramount. So remember, silicone over latex any day. It’s more durable, and less likely to cause any allergic reactions.
  • Next up, size matters. And no, we’re not just referring to your ego here. The nipple of the pacifier needs to be appropriate for your baby’s age. Gotta avoid choking hazards, y’know?
  • Last but not least, consider the shield. As cool as a rhombus-shaped one might look, you’ve gotta make sure it’s large enough (at least 1.5 inches across) and has air holes. These are crucial for safety and comfort. Otherwise, you’re just asking for a crying, red-faced typhoon at 2 am. Trust me, not a pretty sight.

So there you have it.

Oh and, a final piece of advice: those expensive animal-shaped pacifiers? Not worth the drama when your kid loses their specially designed zebra-paci in the park, trust me.

Simplicity can be a lifesaver in the wild jungle of parenthood.

And remember, no amount of Instagram ‘likes’ will ever replace the blissful silence that a practical and well-chosen pacifier can bring. That, my friend, is winning at #ParentGoals.

The Exit Strategy: Saying ‘Sayonara’ to the Soother

So, you’ve decided it’s high time to retire the soother. Good for you and your little drool monster! But, how exactly do you plan on breaking this news to the sprog?

Well, entering ‘pacifier weaning’ into your favorite search engine will send you neck-deep into a sea of questionable forums, shady blogs, and pages upon pages of “expert” input (statistics can back me up on this!).

Let’s get one thing straight: there’s no magical, one-size-fits-all solution here. Whether DIY tricks or dentist-approved practices, remember that what will eventually work is patience, persistence and perhaps a perfectly timed diversion.

What age should a baby stop using a pacifier?

Ever wandered down the ‘Baby Needs‘ aisle and marveled at the serious hardware we’ve designed for such pint-sized clientele? I mean, we’re talking about NASA-level technology in those doodads, especially this little gem: the pacifier.

Ah, the pacifier. A perpetual player in the hall of (controversial) baby fame. Love it, loathe it, or lie about using it, the pacifier is a topic hotter than the tip of a freshly boiled nipple (sterilization, people, not some strange mommy kink).

According to a recent study, approximately 85% of infants use pacifiers, demonstrating their popularity (and parental desperation).

We’ve all heard the pacifier horror stories from Aunt Judy with those perfect little angel-like grandkids.

But honestly, it’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario (literally and metaphorically). It all comes down to your baby, your sanity, and your decision. So let’s unravel this suckling saga, shall we?

Are there any risks associated with long-term pacifier use?

So, you’re playing detective with the whole pacifier pinata, huh? Oh, the joy of figuring out if these rubber suckers (pun intended) are a blessing or a curse.

  • First off, our tiny tots love the pacifiers because, c’mon, who can resist a good ol’ suckle-athon? Keeps their mouths busy and our eardrums intact.
  • Freud might love to dive into the whole fixation hoopla, but here’s the bottom line: pacifiers might just be your lifesaver. They can morph you from frazzled to friggin’ fabulous faster than your partner can say, “Whose turn is it now?”
  • Ever been bestowed with the “Pacifier-Carrier Badge of Honor”? No? Welcome to the ultimate parenting level, where you’re expected not only to nurture, but also hunt down every elusive pacifier.

However, you’ve got to tread lightly because you’re basically dancing with the double-edged sword of Paci-Land.

It’s not all cuteness and coos, you see.

There’s a sinister side to these soothers – wait till you discover funky smelling pacifiers hiding under your couch.

And let’s not even start on the stress of saying adieu to pacifiers. It’s like convincing politicians to be honest – borderline impossible and filled with tantrums.

What are the disadvantages of using pacifiers?

So, you’re thinking pacifiers are little lifesavers, huh? Well, hold on to your sippy cups, folks, because we’re about to throw some fastballs in the form of unforgiving truths.

  • The omnipresent risk of dental issues, like misaligned chompers. I mean, who wouldn’t want their little one flashing a cute, crooked smile, right?
  • The dreaded onset of ear infections owing to constant paci-use. Sterilizing it every hour on the hour – if you’re into adding another chore to your endless list, well, fill your boots!
  • And the biggie, potential hurdles in developing speech and language skills. Talk about putting a twist on the saying, “silence is golden”.

Think these are far-fetched? Well, here’s a splash of cold, hard science straight from the folks at Mayo Clinic to seal the deal.

Now, you’re not alone if you’ve blinkingly wondered, “Still, can all bad things come in such adorable packages?” Here’s the rub – perhaps not all, but buddy, these ones do!

Caught between a rock and a hard candy, aren’t we? Losing sleep yet, pacifier junkies?

The Stealth Approach: When they’re Sleeping

Let’s talk about the ol’ switcheroo. Oh, you haven’t heard? It’s all the rage; stealthily swiping that pacifier from their peaceful little mouths while they’re off visiting dreamland.

  • Kids are like mini ninjas, but their senses are so sharp they could probably hear a pin drop in Antarctica. That’s why timing is pivotal, my friend.
  • You gotta wait till they’re in a deep sleep. None of this light snoozing business, we’re talking REM-stage, folks.
  • And remember – slow and steady wins the race. This is not a quick pull-the-bandaid situation. Think of it more as defusing a sleeping-baby bomb.
  • Develop a game plan. You’re not just infiltrating uncharted territory; you’re also facing a possible meltdown if you’re caught. Be ready to retreat if necessary.
  • Distraction toys are your best allies. Keep a favorite plushie or blanket at a hand’s distance. In case of sudden wakefulness, deploy the cuddle companion!
  • Practice makes perfect–try gentle tugs during the day when they’re awake. It’ll make your stealth mission feel like a cakewalk.
  • And finally, remember: Failure is not fatal. If Plan A bombs, move forward to Plan B and keep on trucking. Persistence and a healthy dose of humor will get you through.

Now, let me tell you a story that might just give you the courage you need. A friend of mine tried the stealth approach with her toddler, right? Unfortunately, this kid had the reflexes of a young Jackie Chan. Pacifier pops out, eyes pop open.

But did she give up? Nope.

Cool as a cucumber, my friend replaces the pacifier with a plushie.

Genius, right? Wrong. Toddler tosses the plushie, wants the paci.

Moral of the story? Expect the unexpected, but always keep your sense of humor intact. It may be a battleground, but it’s a battleground filled with love and laughter–and eventually, victory.

Heartburn Versus Heartbreak: Is it Worth the Trade-Off?

So, imagine this – your little angel’s peaceful slumber versus an all-night cry-a-thon conflict that could probably shatter glass. Surely the pacifier, that peace-bringing, sanity-saving device is worth the inevitable dependence you’re signing up for, right? Or maybe you’re in the camp that views pacifiers as the baby’s first addiction, with withdrawal symptoms to match.

  • Pacifiers can help soothe temper tantrums, resulting in less stress (and heartburn) for mom.
  • However, the unfortunate side effect – very real heartbreak when it’s time to wean the babe off the dependence.
  • Sure, they’re a fantastic sleep aid for the little one, but they could also potentially impact proper tooth development.
  • They can serve as a convenient mute button to avert social embarrassment (although, isn’t that why we have home security systems?), but again, you’re nurturing a small rubber dependency.
  • While the peace that envelopes the house post pacifier introduction is blissful, do bear in mind the panic set off when the blessed thing goes missing.
  • Silence is golden, no doubt, but have you factored in the habitual dribble trail wherever the pacifier-bearing cherub toddles?
  • Lastly, pacifiers are like tiny superheroes saving grumpy babes and frazzled parents alike, but handing them off could potentially lead to shared germs. Critics might call it microbiological Russian roulette.

So there you have it folks, parenting ain’t for wimps. Pacifiers are a fantastic temporary solution to an age-old parental conundrum, but like with every other good stuff (free trial subscriptions), comes with a price.

Just remember, breaking up is hard to do, but at least when it’s with the pacifier, you won’t be tearing up over old photos and shared songs, right?

Life After Pacifiers: Finally, the Dog Gets His Chew Toy Back

So, you’ve finally gone paci-free and it’s like being let out of baby-jail, right?

Now your kid’s hands are discovering new horizons, exploring cracker crumbs in the corner and investigating the dog’s chew toys. Oh, the joy of parenting.

But on the bright side, these chew toys now don’t have to double-up as a missing pacifier emergency backup (a relief for your furry friend, I might say).

No more middle of the night paci-hunting operations or strategic pacifier swaps during unscheduled car naps. Instead, you witness – voila! – your precious one learning the thrills of self-soothing and tackling life’s adversities sans silicone soother. Congrats, you’ve graduated to the next level of parenting.

Commentaries on the great pacifier saga will come a dime a dozen.

But your journey will be uniquely yours and your baby’s, and let’s face it, there’s no magic one-size-fits-all solution. Even if it gets tough, you can always count on a ‘been-there-done-that’ mom to lend an empathetic ear and share survival tips.

As for the post-paci landscape, it’s got its own quirks and lumps. And yeah, the dog definitely gets his chew toy back – and maybe even a quiet corner without paci-obstacles to maneuver around. Welcome to the next chapter of countless, beautiful, sleep-deprived experiences – Parenthood 2.0.

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